The Wooldridges-Fort Scott, KS


 Providence Kennels was very easy to work with for choosing our pup. We can’t wait to pick him up in just one week! The deposit process was very easy and the website was very easy to navigate. Jill sent weekly pictures of our growing baby. When it was time to pick our puppy we were given the option of visiting in person or receiving pictures/videos. I feel comfortable about choosing a breeder who allows you in their home to see how the puppies are raised and I’m confident that they are all very loved by the Murray family. 

The Miltons-Aledo, TX



When researching and trying to decide on a breeder to get my golden doodle from, there were a lot of breeders that I considered. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and started looking into the breeders here in the area but never really connected with them on a personal level. I felt like just “another buyer”, never felt like a potential owner of one of their dogs and never felt like I was the right fit for them. Because of that, I started looking into breeders in other nearby states—Oklahoma and Louisiana particularly. Providence Kennels was one of the first Oklahoma breeders I emailed and I was hooked from the beginning. The email response times form Justin and Jill were almost instant and all my questions were answered by the end of each day. They made me feel confident in my decision, they didn’t judge my questions that might have been stupid and provided me with a great amount of information. I am so happy Providence Kennels are the breeders I went with—they are so personal, have the cutest puppies and make you feel like you’re the right fit for them too! 

The Newcombs-OKC


 We have wanted a Goldendoodle for years, but couldn’t settle on a breeder. After family friends shared their experience with Providence Kennels, we knew we had to contact them. We are so glad we did! They made the process of bringing a new puppy into our home so easy, and were always available to answer our new puppy parent questions. When we went to pick our puppy, Teddy, we were amazed at how beautiful the Murray’s property is and how kind their family is. It really reinforced our decision to work with them and we trust that Teddy had some of the best weeks of his life before we picked him up! 

The Moores-Portland, TX



When we started our search for our labradoodle puppy we did tons of research and searching for the right breeder.  There are, of course, many breeders out there.  We even put a deposit down with one breeder we had contacted.  Then we found Providence Kennels.  From the very first contact we had with them we knew they were the breeders we wanted to get our newest family member from.  Everything just felt right with them.  We got our deposit back from the previous breeder and have never looked back.  Our experience has been wonderful.  What is most obvious to us is how much they love their dogs and each and every puppy that comes from those beloved dogs.  We HIGHLY recommend this wonderful family run kennel to anyone in search of the right breeder for their next puppy.  The Murray’s and Providence Kennels are the RIGHT breeders.  

The Bostwicks-Edmond, Ok



Providence Kennels was awesome to work with. They took time to answer our questions from the very first text and to work with us in our particular situation. It was nice to know that they were a God loving family and that their work with the dogs and pups was a family affair that they all joined in on. Their weekly pupdates were always the highlight of our week. We were blessed to have found the Murrays and Providence Kennels and would definitely recommend them to everyone! 

The Deaos-Jenks, Ok



My experience with  providence kennels has been nothing but smooth, easy and exciting. I first touched base with them after visiting with a few other breeders. I got an instant understanding of their professionalism and love for their dogs. I was given a detailed explanation of my options on which puppy parents where pregnant or just had a litter and exactly how to find them on their website. I was never pressured to make any decisions and was reassured that if I had any questions not to hesitate to ask. After reaching my decision to purchase a puppy with providence kennels they informed me of puppy pick out day and that me and my 4 year old daughter could come a choose the new fur baby for our little family. My daughter loved the chance to play and hold the puppies that were an option for us and she of course chose the one that loved on her the most. After choosing our puppy we were given detailed information about how to properly care for our new guy and how to keep him safe and healthy. This just reassured their love and dedication to breeding healthy pups. I will absolutely recommend providence kennels to anyone interested in getting a new puppy! 

The Carlocks-Edmond, OK


 We are bringing home an 8-week-old Golden Doodle in a few days. Jill and Justin are great. It's obvious they take really good care of their adult dogs and the puppies, and that they take pride in what they do. We wanted someone who knew what they were doing, who took very good care of the puppies, and that they were a family rather than a store front. They kept us informed and communicated very clearly. We are looking forward to our new family member and thank Jill and Justin for being such good "foster parents"! 

The Elstons-Amarillo, TX


 We are so excited to pick up our puppy! After researching and searching for a doodle, we are so thankful we found Providence Kennels. We loved that they are a family raising dogs and the puppies have a loving family to take care of them until it goes home. While we were waiting the couple weeks to get our puppy, Jill sent us pictures and videos of our puppy often. They also gave us information on making the transition to our home easy on the puppy. I highly recommend Providence Kennels! 

The Wazirs- Southlake, TX


  My wife and I decided on getting a goldendoodle puppy. To start with, we would like to thank the Murrays for the care that they provided to our darling Biscuit.  Providence Kennels came highly recommend by our friends. However, we decided to do our own research and after a lot of it we agreed that they would be the best fit for us. Jill went out of her way to answer all our initial questions. We were sent regular updates on our puppy along with his pictures  to show us his progress. It was an amazing experience to see how our little boy was growing week to week. Jill was extremely patient with us and our numerous questions and always made us feel comfortable.  Moreover, special mention as the Murrays were very considerate and agreed to care for and love our little boy Biscuit for a couple of extra weeks as we were out of the country unexpectedly. The whole experience of first talking to Jill and finally getting our sweet little boy was an amazing one.  We would highly recommend the Murrays and Providence Kennels to anyone who is looking to add a puppy to their family. Thank you and a big thumbs up to the Murrays and Providence Kennels. We could not have chosen a better place!!

The Davids-Sapulpa, Ok



Hey Jill, 

Just a note about how much our family has fallen in love with Tucker.  As you know we bought him after loosing a long time member of our family.  It was a very fast and tragic loss, especially for our 18 year old daughter.  She and my husband were most devastated as they laid claim on our lab Bo.   

After talking to you on the phone and with my dad I thought a new puppy would be a great way to help move on from the loss of our Bo.  We let Maddy pick out Tucker and it was hard.   First of all, the puppy's were all so sweet and playful and happy.  I am sure they are all like Tucker.  

We picked him out on a Thursday, brought him home on a Friday and had family pictures made on Saturday (with him in them)!  He has fit into our crazy family like he was born to be a part of it, and has been loved and brought so much joy to our lives!  He is 6 months old now, and about 50 pounds.  He is crazy sweet and smart, he  will sit, lay down and if we work with him more will stay!  He heels when walking and has a funny stubborn streak.  He loves toys!  He has a toy basket in the living room that when he and daddy have their time in the morning he goes and picks out the toys he wants to play with and pulls them out.  He is kind of like a child, and we love it!

Our only problem is:  what happens when our youngest one leaves home with him.  So, we are trying to figure out when to get a second.  If you wonder if Providence is the kind of place to get a puppy, repeat business is your answer and we will be repeat customers at some point, just not sure when yet.  

Tucker is such a joy in our lives, take lots of pictures of your puppy!  They grow up so fast, we have enjoyed taking pictures of Tucker and looking back on them, we will attach some to show, but nothing can show his sweetness like a live meeting!

The Mouses-Norman, OK


 We have loved working with Providence Kennels while searching for our new pup. Jill has been so helpful every time I had a question. She was always quick to respond and gave clear and helpful information. Their website is so easy to navigate and has so much great, important information. When searching for a labradoodle, they seemed to be the most professional and adaptable at the same time. When it was time to make a decision on a puppy, Jill was incredibly helpful in giving specific information on the puppies that she had available. We can not wait to meet our girl in one week! I am confident that Providence Kennels will provide us with a sweet puppy. Thank you for all of your help! 

The James-Springdale, AR


 Providence Kennels has been a joy to work with from the very beginning. When we decided that we wanted to get a puppy, we began researching everything and everyone that we could, and when we found Providence Kennels, we knew that they were the right breeder for us – a family who cares about their dogs and puppies and who knows exactly what they’re doing. The Murrays have been very easy to work with and we have loved all the pictures and videos that they sent of our puppy throughout the process. We cannot recommend Providence Kennels enough! 

The Mathesons-Springdale, AR


 Adopting a new puppy is a very personal thing, but finding a top-notch breeder means finding a true professional. Our entire experience with Providence Kennels has provided a completely balanced experience! From navigating their website to our text messages and phone calls it was an easy process. The Murray’s professional side made potentially emotional things easy to understand: from financial aspects to puppy pick out to puppy pickup day! Doubly blessed we picked out a chocolate & a black Labradoodle!! Thanks to Justin & Jill it has been a truly enjoyable experience! 

The Smiths-OKC


 Our family could not be happier with our experience with Providence Kennels, and their entire family. From the first contact they have been nothing but gracious in helping us decide on a perfect doodle for our family. Litter pick day was amazing and every week since we have received photos and videos of our puppy to see his growth. This family is so welcoming and the fact that their own children have played with the puppies makes all the difference for us. If you are looking for a Goldendoodle, THIS is your place. Beautiful setting for these Goldendoodles to be raised! Thank you Providence .

The Provenchers-Coweta, Ok


From the beginning of trying to find a golden doodle, we searched several websites and breeders until we came upon Providence Kennels. We could tell immediately they were very professional and took this very seriously. Glad we found them because we found the perfect the perfect golden doodle that will fit our family! I’d like to thank the Murray’s for everything for the questions they’ve answered and their help. Thank you for much again from the Provencher family. 

The Miles-Owasso, OK


 We have absolutely loved working with Providence Kennels. We did a lot of searching online before we made our decision. Their website was amazingly helpful, had plenty of pictures, and had all the information we needed to make a decision on which litter we would choose. Justin was very helpful when I called and we loved the process of being able to meet and select our new labradoodle! After selection, it was also great to be able to get pictures of her while we were in the holding period waiting to be able to pick her up. The puppy pick-up email was also very helpful in letting us know what to expect on pick-up day and the first few weeks following pick-up. Jill and Justin were also very accommodating when we had a last minute scheduling issue come up on pick-up day. We would definitely recommend Providence Kennels! 

The Roberts-Benton, AR


 We feel our experience has been great. I feel our questions have all been answered when we asked. I enjoyed having a puppy pick day, and getting to see how even your children get involved and help with the puppies. It’s so hard to pick, but I appreciate being able to choose our puppy versus our puppy being chosen for us. We can’t wait to get our new fur baby home!! Thank you for being so helpful and patient. 

The Charltons- Fayetteville, AR


 Before buying a golden doodle; I did a lot of research on choosing the perfect breeder. Providence Kennels was definitely the right choice! The Murray family made the “puppy pick” day great, answering all of my questions and being very easy to contact. All of their dogs are very loved and I would recommend Providence Kennels to anyone looking to add the next member of their family!